iPhone and iPAD App Development Training | 1 on 1 Online Sessions
Vijay Anandakumar Vijay Anandakumar

iPhone and iPAD App Development Training | 1 on 1 Online Sessions

Create the next revolutionary mobile apps in the iOS ecosystem (iPhone / iPAD)

10 Weeks

Course Start Date: 2 Jun 2012

This course runs for 10 Weeks



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Here’s the duh question of the day : How will we consume Internet in the future?


And the obvious answer : Via mobile.


That probably explains the scramble for mobile app development in the world.



iPhone and iPAD Applications in the iOS ecosystem are some of the most beautiful and profitable mobile apps.


The best example of that is Instagram. Instagram started as a photo sharing and editing mobile app for iPhone. It quickly grew to cult usage within a year. And, was recently acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. Sounds like a dream? It is.


If you are venturing out in the mobile app development, choose the iOS ecosystem and develop iPhone and iPAD apps. If you are looking to get started with basics and achieve an intermediate level, this online course is a good choice.


iPhone and iPAD App Development Training online course package:


  • 15 hours of LIVE interactive online classes
  • All classes are recorded
  • Note: You need a MAC OSX or above for this course. Windows or Linux will not work.


iPhone and iPAD App Development Training online course outline:


Training Module 1 - Introduction to iPhone and iPAD App Development : 1.5 hours


  • Introduction to Objective C
  • Getting started with iPhone and iPad App Development


Training Module 2 - Coding Environment and Simple Application : 1 hour


  • Outlets, Actions and View Controllers , xcode environment
  • View Controllers , Memory management
  • Navigation


Training Module 3 - iOS Controls and Orientation Changes : 1 hour


  • Building Universal Applications
  • UI Controls
  • Screen Rotations
  • Keyboard inputs


Training Module 4 -Table View and Maps : 1.5 Hours


  • Table Views
  • Locations Based Services and Maps


Training Module 5 - Database concepts and Web services : 1.5 hours


  • Database Storage using SQLite3
  • Establishing connection with web webservices


Training Module 6 - Building, Testing and Deploying Applications : 1 hour


  • Application Settings
  • Distributing Applications through App Store


Training Module 7 - Gesture Handling and Animation : 1.5 hours


  • Recognizing Gestures
  • Simple Animations


Training Module 8 - Accessing Device Feature and inbuilt apps : 1.5 hours


  • Accessing Accelerometer
  • Accessing Built-in Applications – Address Book and Email
  • Accessing Hardware – Camera


Training Module 9 - Apple Push Notification Concept : 1.5 hours


Training Module 10 - Other Concepts : 1.5 hours


  • Application Debugging and Optimization – memory Leaks
  • File Handling
  • Storyboard


Training Module 11 - Doubt clearing session : 1.5 hours


Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Vijay Anandakumar



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